Intimate Waxing

Hot wax is our speciality and we use Ashmira Botanical it’s the best, there’s no need to be shy we’ve seen it all before… nothing will shock us.

These are the two most asked questions when booking an intimate wax. So instead of you getting embarrassed of asking here are the questions and answers.

Q. Does it hurt?

We’re not going to lie… yes it can be slightly uncomfortable. However we are fast, keeping you talking about the weather and anything else we can think of it will be over in a flash, you will be fine. Special tip : You will find it more sensitive the week before your period.

Q. How long does my bush need to be?

Ladies and gents (yes we wax blokes) we can not stress enough, we need pubes!!!! so four – six weeks ( depending on your hair growth ) or a quater of an inch will achieve the best results. Please don’t ask us to wax you if you have shaved within the last week…we are good but not that good!

We have come up with a system that we think covers all your requirements and designs. We have given each one a name making it more discreet when you’re walking in the street or in the office so no one will guess what’s going to happen to your bush!


Classic bikini wax this is a quick removal in the knicker line and crease of leg.



A high leg bikini wax, top and underneath.



High leg bikini wax, top, underneath and butt crack.



Narrow sides bikini wax, top and underneath.



Narrow sides bikini wax, top, underneath and butt crack.



Innerbeauty’s signature Hollywood wax, that removes everything.



Brazilian wax this includes butt crack, inner/outer labia with just a small strip left.



Butt crack only.



Just the bum cheeks.



Butt crack and bum cheeks.