Waxing & Wax Packages

There’s no two ways about it us girls at Innerbeauty love to wax. We love our job and it truly is a pleasure to pluck, squeeze, pick, tweezer and wax away any hair that is not meant to be there!

We use Ashmira Botanica – Strip Wax, Hot Wax and Roller Cartridge Wax leaving no residue, kind to the skin, vegan friendly, fab colors and sparkles!

WAXING TIP: We would be grateful if you exfoliated the day before, but do not apply and body moisturizer on the day of your wax. This will help to eliminate dead cells around skin pores and hair follicles giving you a far better result. In fact regular exfoliation and moisturizing will give you long term smooth skin, less ingrowing hairs and a better waxing experience and result.

We also sell “Ruff Stuff” a specialty made body exfoliation scrub and body oil for waxing.

Please DO NOT book a wax if you have sunburn. Please make sure you have hair, we can’t wax hair if it is less than 1/4 inch long or about the size of a grain of rice. If you have booked an appointment and we are unable to remove the hair you have on your body, we will charge you.

Waxing Aftercare:

  • No hot bath for 24hrs, a cool shower is fine, with unperfumed soap/shower gel.
  • No swimming, sauna, hot tub or sun bathing for 24hrs.
  • No exercising for 24hrs! Including a bit of jiggy jiggy with your partner if you have had a lower body wax!
  • Start to exfoliate and moisturize 3 times a week 72hrs from your appointment.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes.


Classic Bikini Wax  Quick removal of hair outside the knicker line, crease of leg and above knicker line.

Full Leg

Including feet and toes.

Three Quarter Leg

Including feet and toes.

Half Leg

Including feet and toes.

Full Arm

From shoulder to finger tips


From elbow to finger tips


Eyebrow & Lip

Lip & Chin

Lip or Chin

Wax Packages

These wax packages are heavily discounted, If you require anything else that is not in the package the price WILL BE ADDED to the total of your bill.

A polite note, we still use the same amount of wax whether you have lots of hair or a little bit of hair. So please don’t embarrass us by asking for a discount as you don’t have “that much hair”.


Full leg, Goldie, Underarm & Eyebrow Shape.

(RRP £86.00)


Half leg, Goldie & Underarm.

(RRP £63.00)


Half Leg & Standard Bikini.

(RRP £36.00)


Eyebrow Shape, Upper Lip & Chin.

(RRP £29.00)


Brows, Lashes & Lifts

Hands & Feet

Intimate Waxing

Male Grooming

Massage & Holistic

Spray Tanning


Waxing & Wax Packages