Waxing and Wax Packages

We love waxing and we are quite happy to pluck, squeeze, pick, tweezer and wax away any hair that is not meant to be there!
WAXING TIP: A gentle body scrub the day before your appointment, will help to elimate dead cells around skin pores and hair folicles.


Classic bikini wax this is a quick removal in the knicker line and crease of leg.


Full Leg

including feet and toes.


Three Quarter Leg

including feet and toes.


Half Leg

including feet and toes.



including hands and fingers.




Eyebrow & Lip


Upper Lip & Chin


Lip or Chin


Wax Packages

These are timed wax packages, phone to tell us want you want and we will tell you which package to have. A polite note, we still use the same amount of wax whether you have lots of hair or a little bit of hair. So please don’t embarrass us by asking for a discount as you don’t have “that much hair”.


full leg, goldie, underarm. & eyebrow shape

60 minutes – £51.50


half leg, goldie & underarm

45minutes – £37.50


half leg & standard bikini

30 minutes – £28.50


eyebrow shape, upper lip & chin wax

15 minutes – £19.50