Hands & Feet


Cuccio was formed nearly 30 years ago and has grown over the years into one of the largest nail companies in the world. With their products sold in over 130 countries worldwide…….we love it. Having  some amazing colours that we can combine together to make a bespoke colour within the range. Cuccio is a gel based product that is applied over your natural nail whether they be long or short and cured under a LED lamp. It is chip, peel and scuff free having a high gloss finishing lasting for up TWO weeks and drys instantly.


Gel Application to Fingers

30 minutes – £26.00

Gel Glitter or French to Fingers

45 minutes – £29.00

Soak off  Treatment Fingers

30 minutes – £10.50

Soak off & New Set of Cuccio Gels Fingers

60 minutes – £31.00


Gel Application to Toes

30mins £26.00

Gel Glitter or French to Toes

45mins £29.00

Soak off Treatment Toes

30mins £10.50

Soak of New Set of Cuccio Gels Toes

75mins £31.00

Pedicure with Gel

Chill and relax with the ultimate pedicure service that renews and restores the spirt and mind whilst pampering your feet. Containing all the necessities to have beautiful, soft, luminous toes and feet. Finished with  Cuccio Gel.

60 minutes – £38.00

Just a Pedicure

As above but without the Gel finish

45mins £30.00

Callus Peel

Are you ashamed of your feet? Do you dream about pretty feet? Then let us Callus Peel away the hard skin and calluses! Leaving your feet ready for any occasion.

30 minutes – £24.00