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blog it!

Hello people as you can see we have a fantastic new website, all thanks to Alex. I’ve become a little OCD about this website so I hope the spelling is correct and it all makes sense to you if it doesn’t please tell me I won’t be offended.

This page will inform you of all the latest offers, Environ Skin Analysis dates, Jane Iredale make up days, training dates and new treatments, staff holidays, beauty tips, skincare advice and anything else I can think off.

As you all are probably aware Jenna is about to pop with sprog number 2, how inconsiderate of her at this time of year, her last working day was meant to be fri 18th Dec, however the baby had other ideas! He arrived today, 16th Dec which is infact Jennas birthday. Happy birthday. 🎈🎈🎈Call Dani around March time when we should roughly know when she will be back. With my partner in crime fleeing we welcome a new therapist to the Innerbeauty family Beth, she is fully qualified however a little shy…it won’t last long before I beat her into shape… Hahaha…I need all you lovely people to offer your bodies to her for waxing, manicures, pedicures, tanning, massage, hot stone massage, Aromawork treatments and anything else she’s qualified in and in return because you are all probably skint at this point in time, all treatments will be half price.

As you already know we are keen Environ skincare specialists and although we love and rave about the results it can achieve…..just look at me :)…lol.. we understand that sometimes you just want a bit of a pampering with something that smells lush and leaves you totally relaxed. We have now taken on a new product called AromaWorks, Its totally natural and vegetarian friendly…I knew you would be impressed Louise…lol…its aromatherapy based for the face and body, with home products that smell divine including candles….we all love a candle. All Aromaworks training has taken place and it was sooo relaxing, so if you fancy some relaxation ask Dani for a full list of treatments.

So, what more could I possibly get, well I  have only gone and purchased the CACI Ultimate Machine. It’s the best in non surgical face and body treatments. OMG I’m so excited…So what will this Caci machine do for me I hear you cry, well if you have got to that certain age like me….ladies and gents and you want everything to stay north, but its all going south you no what I mean sagging jowls, eye bags, droopy boobs or that untoned stomach, this machine will make it all go away by retraining the muscles by lifting and toning them via micro-current and no it won’t hurt!!! …however there will be a months waiting list as I’m first for everything … Sarah, wait your turn :).

Beth and I are of to London the first week of January for a 4 day training course – and a little shopping, but I won’t tell the husband – its going to be intense but its needed if we’ve got to help some of you hahahaha. As always I’ll run an introductory offer with it. Caci recommend a course of 10 sessions of the same treatment, so not only will I do an offer you will get an additional 10% off if you pay up front for the 10 treatments.

Now innerbeauty held its 1st party back in November, not only where the vol au vents successful everyone went home a little merrier than they arrived. A good time was had by all with free make overs with our very own Jane Iredale make up artist Dani, foot massages with the lovely Hannah and Beth, threading at the hands of Stacey, environ taster sessions using the Ionzyne machine with Jenna, and Kerri just smiling like she does and me passing around the alcohol. It was a very enjoyable and successful night so at the request of everybody we will be holding another in the spring with vol au vents of course.

So that brings me to the end of this very long winded first blog, I would just like to give a huge gold star to the loyal girls who work here for their continuing support and patience with me introducing many new features within the salon…..I know I’ve been a little indecisive!!!  Finally to you the client and friend because if you didn’t come to see us then none of us would be able to do the job that we all are so passionate about and very lucky to be doing. For this I am eternally grateful as you are what makes innerbeauty so special.

Thank you